Sanya•Financial Forum: Antarctic Forum Roundtable

From December 10th to 11th, 2016, Sanya Financial International Forum was held at Sheraton Sanya Haitang Bay Resort. The Antarctic Forum brought more than 30 guests and friends to Sanya.


On the morning of December 10th, all the guests and friends of the Antarctic Forum participated in the opening ceremony of the Sanya Financial and Economic International Forum as VIPs. On the afternoon of the 10th, all the guests and friends of the Antarctic Forum held a roundtable meeting of the Antarctic Forum. The meeting was first reviewed by Director Wu Jihua of the Cultural and Education Department of the China International Cultural Exchange Center. Qian Hanjun and Zhu Yu read the Chinese and English versions of the Sanya Consensus drafted by the secretariat. The "Sanya Consensus" Initiative: In the face of the common destiny of mankind, we must understand and practice the ecological concept of mankind with a holistic and balanced thinking. To this end, we propose the six common principles,which is  holistic principles, proactive principles, reciprocity principles, educational principles, and research principles.All to specifically present the Antarctic Forum “thinking about human civilization, paying attention to the global environment, promoting balanced development, and achieving common values”. The concept actively promotes dialogue between China and the world and conveys a clear and positive voice in global environmental and climate affairs. The round table held a heated discussion on the "Sanya Consensus". Mr. Zhang Xinsheng, Chairman of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Mr. Qin Xiao, former Chairman of the China Merchants Group, Mr. David Sandalow, former Assistant Secretary of State, Vice Minister of Energy, and President of the City University of Hong Kong Guo Weiyou, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, Liu Hengyou, Director of the Lamont-Dorty Earth Observation Center of Columbia University, Arthur Lerner-Lam, Friends of UBS Securities Board, He Di, and UNEP International Resource Specialist Mr. Li Shaoyi, Director of the Secretariat of the Committee, Mr. Zhu Chenghu, former Dean of the Defense College of National Defense University, Zhu Feng, Director of the China South Sea Research Center of Nanjing University, Professor of the Lamont-Dorty Earth Observation Center of Columbia University, and Executive Secretary of the Antarctic Forum Cai Yutian, the former president of the People’s Daily Hong Kong Branch, Cao Hongliang, and other friends have all put forward various insights.


At the round table, the participants also discussed the strategic planning of the Antarctic Forum in the coming years. They proposed that next year the Antarctic Forum will firstly study the establishment of the "Earth Environment Award" program, and strive to create an international authoritative award on human environmental issues, with the aim of recognizing organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to environmental research, environmental protection and environmental education; Secondly, we can start to study the preliminary plan of the “Environmental Ecological Civilization Index” and explore the establishment of a comprehensive and authoritative “Environmental Ecological Civilization Index”. In particular, we can find a positive contact meeting between environmental science and government decision-making. The meeting requested the Forum Secretariat to refine the relevant programs.


On the evening of December 10th, all the guests and friends of the Antarctic Forum also participated in the concert of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra.


On the morning of December 11, the Antarctic Forum held a “Fortune-Environment-Future and High-end Dialogue” in cooperation with the China International Cultural Exchange Center and the Sanya Financial and Economic International Forum. Former US Assistant Secretary of State and Deputy Minister of Energy, Mr. David Sandalow gave a vivid speech. Under the auspices of Mr. Zhang Hai, Deputy Secretary General of the International Forum on Ecological Civilization, Mr. David Sandalow, Mr. Arthur Lerner-Lam, Mr. Guo Weiyou, Mr. Zhu Chenghu and Mr. Li Shaoyi launched a dialogue on issues related to environmental, ecological and civilized development. Finally, Mr. Zhang Xinsheng made an emotional comment and summary, calling on everyone to pay attention to the future of the earth and the destiny of mankind, and to think about related global public interest issues.


This event is the second major event after the "Meeting Snow Dragon, recalling the Antarctic - The World We Want" on October 16 this year. During the meeting, the strategic planning for the future development will promote the Antarctic Forum into a new development space.