Antarctica Forum Sanya Forum Quotations

Excerpts from the "World We Want-Fortune · Environment · Future High-End Dialogue" on December 11


Kuo Wai, president of the City University of Hong Kong: "If our environment is not doing well, it will affect us making money. There is a Chinese saying that people should be put first, but it should be reconsidered. Because our life is not only people, it’s about the environment. We have atmosphere, and the pollution of the atmosphere outside the earth, and animals. Animals are part of our lives. Now we talk about people. It should be how our living environment is integrated with nature. Well, just looking at our own lives, the consequences that ultimately affect our future are uncertain. "


Li Shaoyi, former director of the secretariat of the International Resources Expert Committee of the United Nations Environment Programme: "Regarding the use of resources (full resources refer to fossil energy, building materials, industrial minerals and biomass), the world has increased threefold, and the Asia-Pacific region has increased sevenfold. Chinahas increased 13 times. Of course, 13 times have supported 32 times GDP growth, but China's development can be considered to be a naturally high investment development model. "


Arthur Lerner-Lam, Professor and Director of Columbia University's Lamont-Dolty Earth Observation Center: "The economy develops on the basis of environmental protection, and it is necessary to further reduce the negative impact of economic development on the environment."


Zhu Chenghu, former dean of the National Defense University, said: "Environmental protection is a very important area of cooperation between China and the United States. Without a good environment, we will have a difficult future. Environmental protection requires China and the United States to work together. "


David Sandalow, former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy and principal researcher at the Center for Global Energy Policy: "Under the greenhouse effect, temperatures are difficult to radiate, and the earth is warming. Humans are fighting this, and no one will question global warming The Earth’s atmosphere is changing, and we need to work together to meet such challenges. "