Sanya Consensus for Antarctic Forum--The World We Want

The modern world is filled with challenges, such as environmental deterioration, resource exhaustion and imbalanced development. Human beings are facing serious crisis of global climate change and water resource shortage.


We consider that human beings are facing a common destiny, which will bring a series of profound and long-term change on global political ecology, business mode and lifestyle. It will also impose a huge impact on the survival and living environment of human beings.


It is time for us to rethink our lifestyles and developmentmodes. We should make it clear that except substancesthat meet basic demands, human wealth also includes dignity, friendship, happiness, love and a natural ecosystem that will benefit our health.


In the process of moving towardsfuture, we should further initiate and practice the ecological right of human being with overall and balanced thought.


Therefore we propose the following six principles:



1.Common principle: all countries, organizations and individuals worldwide should tackle the threat and challenge caused by environmental and ecological problem together. Human civilization and earth ecology are a whole. Any individual, organization and country should respect the common interests.


2.Overall principle:Protecting environment and ecology of the earth depends on the participation of all countries, organizations and individuals. Any inappropriate way of producing and consuming of the enterpriseand individual might do harm to environmental ecology. Therefore any country, organization and individual should in favor of establishing effective system, mechanism and contract to ensure overall safety of environmental ecology.


3. Initiative principle: Any country, organization and individualwith sense of responsibility in the sustainable development on global civilization should pay attention to value and practice activities of ecological environment. Responsibility lies in initiative and practice.


4.Mutual Benefit Principle: When country and organizationrealizetheir relevant goals, they should accept the balance betweenself-interest and overall ecological interest. When there is disagreement on ecological environmental issues, countries and organizations should abide by  the mechanism of inclusive, diversified, non-invasive and non-confrontational mode. They also need toabandon zero sum game and seek for mutual benefit.


5.Education Principle: countriesand organizationsshouldbring ecological civilization education into basic education and basic cultural promotion, and realize the overall culture enlightenment of human cognizing common destiny through promoting enlightenment on environmental ecology.


6.Research principle: countries and organizations should actively support the research and exploration on significant public interest affairs like environmental ecology and extend traditional public interests to global public interests.


We believe that with the acceleration of globalization, human being will be faced with many uncertainties including but not limited to climate and environment, peace and development, belief and civilization. Therefore people need to be more intelligent and have more effective global collaboration.


Antarctic Forum will continue to uphold the purpose of focusing on human civilization and the global environment, improving balanced development as well as achieving common value and gather people with same value worldwide, try to assimilate more supporters and participants and focus on the issues of common interests.


We expect more people will embrace hope and dream like us to concern and think about the environment on earth and future of human. We define this as our common value, mission and responsibility.


Let us be the guardians of the earth.


Antarctic Forum

Sanya, December 11th