Polar Research Seminar



A Pole region academy seminar is held by China Institute of International Studies and Antarctic Forum. Mr. Yang Jian, the deputy Director of CIIS hosted the meeting. The seminar gathered scholars and professionals from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, various communications and discussion about the conservation of polar region were made.


The participant mentioned that the sea level rises year by year due to global climate change which would probably vanish away delta cities. Shanghai will be the first to bear the brunt while the coastal line expands sharply and it is foreseeable Shandong Peninsula will become the biggest island of China instead of the current one Taiwan


It is also said Polar Scientists on Antarctica is trying to obtain an ice core which is pulled from the peak of the ice sheet. The ice core is longer than 3km which is expected to be able to restore all the climate and environment data since 1.2 million years ago.


According to the research, there are different layers of snow in Antarctica. It differs in color from season to season: layers appear to be lighter are snowed in summer and the darker ones are from winter. The Antarctica expedition researchers obtained climate change data and the related information of environment change in Antarctica with the help of a special equipment from a certain length ice core in the icecap. The snow layers works similarly as the growth ring of trees that the scientists are able to reckon the ice cap’s age according to its thickness even though it has already been compressed as the time goes by. Besides, the result of related chemical analysis also tells us how the temperature was in the past in Antarctica.


Human being’s curiosity and exploration not only stays in the 1.4 million km2 south sea area but also will lead us to our unknown past and the future.


At the pole region which blends the sky and the sea, the emptiness and no mark of self defines what the beauty is. Memories of a far more primitive world are aroused from the every track of melting ice under the sea.