The first Antarctic Think-Tank Meeting


The first Antarctic Forum think-tank meeting was successfully held in Beijing on January 6th 2013.


Professionals and experts from different area attended this meeting, including Zhang Xinsheng, the President of International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and Secretary General of China Eco Forum Global; Xu Shanda, former deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation, director of the China Certified Tax Agents Association; Wu Jianmin, former director of China Foreign Affairs University, Former China Ambassador to France; Tang Min, the Counselor of the China State Council; Former Chief Economist of Asian Development Bank; Qiao, Lin, Former CEO of The People’s Insurance Company(Group) of China (PICC),Former Vice President of Shanghai Social Science Association; Yao Wang, the senior executive of BOAO Forum Asia; Zhu Feng Professor of International Relations; Deputy Director of Center for International and Strategic Studies, Peking University; Zhang, Yuyan, the Director of Institute of World Economics and Politics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Zuo Xiaolei Special Advisor to the President of China Galaxy Securities and etc.


Mr. Yip from Antarctic Forum Secretary hosted the meeting and introduced the preparatory work and the related Antarctic Forum information to guests. Discussions about the forum’s content, form, orientation and the topics were made during the meeting.


Mr. Zhang Xinsheng pointed out that it is significant for China nowadays to have a public international platform to talk over the topics that are closely related to human common interest especially China’s interests.


Mr. Xu Shanda suggested the high quality academic dissertation is a requirement for building up a high end forum. The forum shall be able to connect and reassemble different human resource and produce excellent research thesis in order to stand out.


Ambassador Wu Jianmin said Antarctic Forum shall focus on the human values. The values we are advocating should eliminate any utilitarian and mendacity and keep being genuine and sincere. One of the responsibilities of Antarctic Forum is to help the elites to recognize the world as well as themselves. To rebuild the value is the utmost to all when the world is perplexed.


Tang Min said to form a think-tank is essential for Antarctic Forum and this goes a long way. Think-tank is considered as a core of the forum which drives the forum forward. The final verdict should discard the false and retain the true, and it definitely takes time to expound and prove over and over again in order to form the sense of value.