Antarctic Forum Prepartory Principal Meeting


The preparatory principal member meeting of Antarctic Forum is held in Beijing on September 16th 2012.


Former Minister of land and resources Wensheng Sun, former director of the State Council's Development Research Centre Mengkui Wang, former President of China Banking Regulatory Commission Minkang Liu, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations Yingfan Wang, former Editor in Chief of People’s Daily Renchen Li, Chairman of Hang Lung Group Ronnie Chichung Chan, President of Orchestra of the Asian Pacific Region ; President of China Symphony Development Foundation Shan Guo, Secretary General of China International Culture Exchange Center Kuisong Ding, Director of “People’s Daily” Hong Kong Bureau Hongliang Cao, Secretariat General of Antarctic Forum Yutian Cai, Vice Chair of Antarctic Committee Naihua Huang and other guest attended the meeting. Current deputy director of Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee Zhihong Shi and Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council ZhongweiWang met the main personnel after the meeting.


Around the selection of the guests, the formation of the forum, a full discussion is made and attendees had reached a preliminary consensus on the goal, mission and orientation of Antarctic Forum.


YingFan Wang affirmed the preparatory works done by Antarctic Forum but also with concerns of how to positioning the forum and how to be pertinent to the subject of balanced development and unbalanced growth. That requires professionals who have academy background and familiar with the current international issues to get involved to the topics in order to get insightful analysis and opinion and help the forum to be outstanding.


Wensheng Sun talked about his first hand experience after Antarctic trip. He thinks the country should pay more attention on Antarctica related activities and studies. He applauded for the preparatory work and progress made by the organizers. It is commendable to put effort in preserving Antarctic while others are fickle and utilitarian. He wishes Antarctic Forum could have better vitality.


Mengkui Wang suggested that Antarctic Forum represents a responsibility from the society and country pursuing higher level human interests and common interests of the world. The existence of Antarctic Forum indicates China’s care and concern about Antarctica. Therefore, he expects Antarctic Forum to be more than a form but also embody the common and long term interest between China and the world.


Minkang Liu placed his high expectation and great hope on Antarctic Forum and wish the forum will be one of the leading forums as the time goes by.