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Ning An, Pianist Amazed the Audience with His Skills from Beijing on December 16 (Reporter: Yaming Wu, Xiaoxing Chen) ‘I have played piano in almost every music hall in the world. However, the feel of endless peace and vastness shocked me while playing among remote mountains, lakes and snows in Antarctica. Perhaps this is the state that man is an integral part of nature that we Chinese pursue.’ Although the Expedition to Antarctica of the Antarctic Forum had ended several days before, Ning An, a famous Chinese-American pianist was still immersed in the white world of Antarctica.


The first Expedition to Antarctica of the Antarctica Forum made its debut from the end of November to the beginning of December, 2013.  Events of international communication like concerts and forums were held in Antarctica to take the initiative of committing ourselves to environment conservation and harmonious social development, encouraging society to take common responsibility when entering a new era of human activities in Antarctica.


The only Chinese pianist invited to the grand meeting was Ning An.


Since Ning An entered the music world, he won numerous honors when he took part in the Queen Elizabeth Music Competition and American Cleveland International Piano Competition. Ning An has presented recitals at venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Salle Verdi Theatre in Milan and the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


Ning An was born in Beijing and went to USA to settle down with his family at the age of 8. Since Ning An took part in the performance of the Cleveland Orchestra, he has been soloist with the   London Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Belgian National Symphony Orchestra, the Flemish Radio Symphony,, Beijing Orchestra and the Taipei Symphony Orchestra. He has cooperated with well-known conductors such as Vladimir Fedosseyev, Jorg-Peter Weigle and Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos. Ning An was also invited to play as soloist in the performance tour in USA of the 100 anniversary concert held by Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Kazimierz Kord.


Ning An was praised in the New York Concert Review for ‘combining a flawless technique and mastery of the instrument with an expressive power that is fueled by profound and insightful understanding.” The author went on to say, “Ning An impresses his audience with his developed musicianship, his discerning sense of form and style, his penetrating and illuminating interpretation, and his perfect technical command. 


A frequent guest lecturer himself, Mr. An has given master classes throughout the United States and Asia. Invited by famous orchestra and music institutes in mainland China, Ning An held soloist concerts and master classes again in October 2013.


‘We gave performances for 3 evenings during the forum. The ship was passing through the notorious Drake Passage with fierce winds and rapid waves during the second and third performances. The waves were 4 meters to 12 meters high. ’ Recalling the hard and exciting performances in Antarctica, Ning An still suppressed his excitement inside. ‘We all got seasick during rehearsal and I had to take pills.’ Ning An immersed himself in thought with his eyes glowing. He said: ’ As far as I am concerned, this is the travel that has changed my life among all others. Antarctica is really the last undisturbed pure land on the earth. It is a proof of beauty that could not be man-made. It inspires us to make progress further.’


In 2014, Ning An has received many invitations to perform in mainland China. He will also go into campus to give master classes. Mr. An said: ’As a Chinese born in Beijing, I am willing to communicate with this land with music language and share my understanding of music with students in mainland China.’