Antarctica – to Meditate with Nature

By Jianfeng Li of Xinsheng Group Company Limited


In late November, 2013, I began with my fellows the expedition to Antarctica which Shi Wang  my idol had made. In the ten-day journey, I was greatly shocked and touched by Antarctica, a land pure and sacred.


On the last ‘clean’ land preserved owing to the Antarctic Treaty, the beauty of magnificent and huge ices, lively and carefree penguins and seals, marvelous spectacles of icebergs in different shapes and boundless land of Antarctica seemed so vivid and pure. It was like a fairyland in the spiritual world that made people pleasantly surprised.


A baptism from the realm of the senses started the discovery and meditation of the soul to exile the mind, follow and return to nature.


The moment of seeing the beautiful scenery inspired a strong impulse deep inside. I recorded every precious moment with frequent flashing shutter, unwilling to miss any. The expedition to Antarctica became a collision between heart and soul. I praised sincerely: Beautiful. It was so beautiful! It was both wild and quiet, graceful and natural. My eyes, heart and health were all nourished.


I shouted to the Antarctic world from the bottom of my heart: ‘ Here I am. I see it. It is very important to me!’ Similar beauty might be found in Wu Town and Sanya but it was far less natural or pure than here. On this wonderful land, no matter you are a social celebrity, or a rich business man, or just an ordinary tourist, money is useless here. All the fame and wealth as well as the classes or orders established in the civilized society are melting away before white snow on this undefended land. People return to their most simple, free and original states and restore their true colors to start a journey of meditation with nature. 


The expedition to Antarctica is a pilgrimage that purifies your heart and soul. What you see, what you hear, what you feel and what you touch are heart throbs that an original ecosystem brings to people. That is different from any travel or journey that I have experienced before. This is a spiritual journey of collision between heart and nature. While you enjoy the beauty, there are more shaking of heart and echo with life. This is an expedition to feel the unboundedness of Antarctica, to pursue the emptiness and nothingness of Antarctica and to look for the harmonious way that people coexist with each other as well as with nature. Just like what Mr. Zhang, President of IUCN said, ’The values of all those who have visited Antarctica may be influenced or changed so that they will take specific actions to create value for the society and to contribute to environment protection.’ When I saw the ice arches collapsing and the Antarctic glaciers melting due to global warming with my own eyes, my heart was greatly shaken facing the beauty disappearing instantly. While I was expecting time to turn back to make the beauty last, a strong sense of responsibility was aroused to take care of Antarctica and protect the earth as an earthman so that the beauty of the original ecology will last forever.


The Antarctic Forum urges people to think. It inspires me to have a new definition on positive life: the enthusiasm to visit the known places, the courage to explore the unknown places and to enjoy the interaction between the surroundings and myself. The spectacular view of Antarctica inspires me to think deeply and gives me multi-level insights into life: the awe of nature, the gratitude to life, the gratefulness for our family, colleagues and friends. We are always grateful to the experts who share nature, philosophy and life with us, to the fellows who go with us and to everyone that we meet in our life.


Linen is green fiber and environment-friendly material. It is a gift from nature to us. The linen undertaking of Xinsheng people is closely related to people’s healthy life. The original ecosystem in Antarctica makes people feel comfortable both in body and heart. So does linen. Wearing low-carbon clothes and decorating homes with environment-friendly material, we have our lives penetrated and changed by linen. The expedition to Antarctica resassured us that the linen industry that we are engaged in is lofty and great.


Ices in different shapes on Antarctica, lively and undefended penguins and seals, the natural sound of music played by artists in Paradise Bay and experts’ pondering over human’s future on the forum have made me think deeply. While we feel the unboundedness of Antarctica and stick to the emptiness and nothingness of Antarctica, we also keep thinking how to find a harmonious way that people coexist with each other as well as with nature, and how to realize a perfect unification of green, life and nature. Facing the shock of the original ecosystem of Antarctica as well as the responsibility of environment protection, we will devote ourselves to implementing environment protection in future work and life, to passing out the positive power of environment protection and to sharing beauty and sensation as well as looking forward to good life with people. It is worthwhile to spend our whole life safeguarding the natural environment we rely on for our current survival and our descendants’ future living.