Everlasting Antarctica

By Jiwen Liu, president of Beijing Muleidi Clothing Company Limited


Hello, everyone. My name is Jiwen Liu, from Beijing Muleidi Clothing Company Limited, member of the Sino-European International Business School team of the Antarctic Forum. I swore to hand in homework after return before departure. However,I don’t know where to start when it’s time for me to report to the leaders today.


First of all, the travel is unprecedented. Such a group of people touring in Antarctica this way must have been unprecedented. It is said that with whom you go is more important than where you go. So it is,indeed. There were billionaires, scholars, senior officials, artists and media elites in this group to Antarctica. Everyone had great mental aura and good luck. Life on board for 10 days was special and unforgettable. We listened to the share and enlightenment of knowledge from wise people and understood that we needed great wisdom to handle the planned economy and market economy in different development stages according to the needs of our country’s conditions. We enjoyed the elegant concerts and hot dances which pleased both our hearts and senses. There were a lot of laughters in the CEIBS team. To live in the present has been a popular term. Just as a business friend said, it is not hard to put it aside as a human being but sense of responsibility and sense of mission prevent me from putting it aside. It is because if I don’t put it aside and take care of more, I can let thousands of people have jobs and let more people lead happy lives. Besides such courageous words, there were ginger soup of Dr. Jiang, wisdom of Zheng, Haohao, beauty of Miss Xu, elder fellow Mr. Xu who paid more attention to girls than friends and elder fellow Mr. Yu, a master looking like a fool who couldn’t tell right or left. I am lucky. I believe that all the people here are lucky. We Chinese live in a time of peace and prosperity and we went on an expedition to Antarctica with such a group of people in such a time.


The pureness and spectacle of Antarctica were shocking. Penguins and seals were very slow-witted. As they had not got hurt before, they were not afraid of people. The half-moon bay was very quiet. Dan Zhu’s violin performance infused music into its body. Glaciers were very magnificent. The boundless and churning glaciers big or small displayed the gloomy end of the world truly. As common people, we could not help loving them. What is love? It is full of excitement inside and longing deep or slight for whom you love. Facing the pureness of Antarctica, didn’t we ourselves feel like being purified without any distracting thoughts? What is patriotism? Patriotism is to agree with the land where you are born and the same people as you due to humanity. How about Antarctica? It is the mother of all human beings. It has majesty that cannot be violated. Being far away from the human society, you know that the nature is so beautiful. I used to think that philosophy had something in common with arts. Philosophers use languages and words to interpret spiritualism. Artists display spiritual beauty with music and drawings. Now I know each life including mountains and rivers is a spiritual beauty itself like a poem or a painting. On our first landing on Antarctica, the whole world was shinning. The first bird I saw was albatross instead of petrel. On the way back, schools of dolphins swam and jumped out of sea around our ship. All that we could do was to respect the God and love people.


The onboard service of the voyage to Antarctica was really good. The charm and vision of the French captain conquered the guests from afar. He was not only handsome but also spoke loudly on behalf of all human beings as well as Antarctica. We loved all those things including taking care of us when we were seasick, carrying out disinfection in order before landing on islands, fine French refreshments and every comfortable and cozy corner, from gym to massage room, from café to music bar, from the Buffet Restaurant on Deck 6 to the noble-style Restaurant on Deck 2. As a business man in clothing industry, I think the difference between us and the advanced countries is the sensibility to beauty instead of money, culture or system. Due to our poor sensibility to beauty, we don’t realize that we live in a dirty, poor and disordered environment. Due to our poor sensibility to beauty, we are damaging our environment severely although we know that rogues are born around barren hills or near turbulent rivers. Due to our poor sensibility to beauty, we can only keep manufacturing cheap products repeatedly. If a leader of an enterprise lacks sensibility to beauty and even doesn’t know what beauty is, how can he make the enterprise produce fine products? Every man desires to change the world ambitiously but if he cannot change himself, how can he change the world?


At last, I’d like to say that everyone serves me and I serve everyone in this world. In the past years of fast development, we’ve got used to taking care of others while being taken care of by others. The songs in the Great Wall station are still loud. The winds and snows on the island where a post office stands make people sad but glad. The sea in Antarctica is a stage and the glaciers in Antarctica are curtains. A mixed group of animals named people started the Antarctic Forum at the end of 2013. The expedition to Antarctica is rich and beautiful. A few defects of the organization work will become something lovely and interesting in time. 


P.S. I’d like to express my gratitude to Antarctica and the fellows who were there with me. Thank my family members in Beijing, my comrades and my friends. It was nice meeting you and being with you. Thank you.