CHINARE, the Reminiscence of the Antarctic -- the World We Want

The CHINARE Event 2016


The event “CHINARE, the Reminiscence of the Antarctic -- the World We Want”, hosted by the Antarctic Forum, was held on October 16, 2018, marking the third anniversary of the arrival of “the Antarctic Forum” on the Antarctic continent. The 150 members of the Antarctic Forum and the people from all over the world who stay updated with “the Forum” visited Polar Science Museum located at China’s Polar Research Center and “CHINARE” moored at the special dock for the Chinese Polar Research Expedition.


Clumsy Emperor Penguins, Rounded Seals, Cunning Skuas, Antarctic Stones, Snow Dragon Models with a proportion of 1 to 100... The museum boasts more than 300 precious photos, 36 polar specimen of three categories, 26 polar expedition equipments of four categories, 328 various souvenirs of five categories. The staff introduced the basic information of the polar environment and presented the process and results of the polar exploration , which totally amazed the visitors.


The Snow Dragon is China's third-generation polar icebreaker and scientific research vessel. It is 167 meters long, 22.6 meters wide, 13.5 meters deep and 9 meters draught. It is also the only ship in China that can break the ice and bust through in the polar regions. The vessel is cold tolerant and can continuously break through the 1.2-meter-thick ice layer (including 0.2 m snow) at the speed of 1.5 knots.